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“I’ve always enjoyed working spontaneously because I want my work to carry an energetic, lively quality. I enjoy the whole process of watching an illustration unfold on the paper, which is why I prefer not to pre-plan it,”

Lynnie’s style is a distinctive one, where a bold bright colour palette is used to great effect in the playful charismatic characters she creates.
The development of these characters is the driving force of her work; producing mysterious, seductive creatures and powerful femme fatales. Women are mostly the subject of her pieces ­which she brings to life using ink, paint and paint pens.  By working spontaneously the personalities  evolve naturally into striking and engaging images which both shock and amuse, but always stimulate the eye.
Born and brought up in the wilds of the Scottish Borders into a creative family with strong African links which instilled a love of different cultures, and a fascination with people.
Lynnie studied illustration at Kingston and now lives and works in East London, and has exhibited in solo and group exhibitions in the UK, Europe and USA. 

Clients include, ARTO LIFEWTR, The New York Times, MAC Cosmetics, Nike, Taschen, Estrella, Salvatore Ferragamo, Monki, Dropbox, Refinery 29 and Sony.

Her work has been featured in publications such as Illustration NOW ( Taschen), Vogue, Creative Review, Riposte and It’s Nice That.

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